Sunday, October 10, 2010

G'day And Welcome To My Gear Review Blog

My gear reviews can also be found in the camping sections on four forums I frequent:
YotaTech, IH8MUD, FJCruiserforums, and Expedition Portal.

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Also note that the URLs to where I bought the products may end up being a dead link as the vendors sometimes make changes to their websites.
You can always Google the product to find it too if the link goes dead.
I already had to update a few in my blog here that have changed since I made my gear reviews on the various forums.

I have camped most of my life but took about a decade off from it prior to 2008.
Starting in the spring of 2008 I went bonkers getting out my old gear and scouring the Internet for new gear, as once again the camping bug took hold of me.

The biggest change for me was going to a roof top tent which you will see in the pages of my gear reviews.
The tent alone makes it so much easier now to get out and not have to worry about finding a non rocky place to setup a ground tent.

Long ago I use to be a minimalist when it came to camping and backpacking, but I have found as I have gotten older that I enjoy having a few creature comforts when getting out such as a hot shower, a nice kitchen setup (I have a new setup now as in a chuckbox, but have not got any pictures of it in the field yet), and the comfort of a first class roof top tent.

Below are a few pictures from a trip to Mt. Rainier National Park, the White River campground from August of 2010.

Please check back in 2011 for more gear reviews listed in the navbar, and also updated pictures on the main homepage here.